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Made another community, because I can: [community profile] creepypasta. Share and discuss creepy stuff of all varieties. :)

And now, I think it's time for this journal's very first meme, taken from a couple of people around the place...

Make a list of ten fictional characters. Pick LJ(/DW) usernames for them. Then answer the questions!

1. Dream (Sandman) - [personal profile] lordshaper
2. Johnny Truant (House of Leaves) - [personal profile] nothingleft
3. Rosalie Lamorliere (Rose of Versailles) - [profile] pinkblossom
4. Crowley (Good Omens) - [personal profile] saunteredvaguely
5. Maya Fey (Ace Attorney) - [profile] xmysticgirlx
6. Tiffany Aching (Discworld) - [personal profile] landunderwave
7. Nobby Nobbs (Discworld) - [personal profile] totallyahuman
8. J. Alfred Prufrock (what? he totally counts) - [personal profile] do_i_dare
9. Emily (Emily of New Moon, which I loved as a kid) - [profile] starrlight
10. Apollo Justice (Ace Attorney) - [personal profile] chordsofsteel

1) What's the title and subtitle of 4's (Crowley's) journal?
For some reason, presumably because he's a semi-Pratchett-created character, I can't get the idea out of my head of it being called "What I Did On My Holidays" or similar. The subtitle?... "The Nice and Accurate Memoirs of Anthony J. Crowley, Demon".

2) What does 9's (Emily's) default usericon look like? What other icons does 9 have?
It's something very pretty - either a nature scene or something her BFF Teddy drew for her. Her other icons are mostly pretty stock ones, or else text icons with snarky/clever literary quotations on them.

3) What is 2's (Johnny Truant's) favorite community? (real or imagined) How does he/she participate?
Probably some kind of support group, to which he makes incoherent posts nobody else can understand. Everyone else in the community is thoroughly fed up with him, and there's an ongoing debate as to whether or not he's a troll - and indeed as to whether he really exists at all or is someone's Kaycee-Nicole-style creation.

4) Give us a sample of 5's (Maya's) interest list.
annoying nick, burgers, my big sister, spirit mediums, the pink princess, the steel samurai

5) 6 (Tiffany Aching) and 1 (Dream) get in a virtual slapfight about something. What is it? How does it end?
Oh God, this would be epic. Tiffany would be raging at Dream for treating people like crap/thinking they are unimportant, and Dream would be getting all defensive and bitchy. If she was a few years older, he'd probably end up hitting on her, mind...

6) 10 (Apollo Justice), 3 (Rosalie), and 7 (Nobby) are co-mods of a community. What is it?
... *blinks* *stares* Holy shit, I want to see that community. I just... no, I can't even get my head around anything they might have in common. A support/discussion group for people with really fucked-up families, maybe (was it Nobby whose mother ran away before he was born, or was that Rincewind?).

7) 8 (Prufrock) posts a secret to ljsecrets or fandomsecrets what does it look like and what does it say?
It's a seascape with "I do not think that they will sing to me" in small text in one corner. (Although he doesn't actually post it. He just makes it, tweaks it several hundred times in photoshop, stares at it for a while, and then never uploads it, though once in a while he pulls it up out of his My Documents folder and looks at it for a while, wondering if maybe he should submit it after all.)

8) of 1 (Dream), 3 (Rosalie), 5 (Maya), 7 (Nobby), and 9 (Emily), who is most likely to:
a) post every meme he/she comes across?
Maya. Half the time she doesn't even cut them.

b) flock their entire journal?
Dream. In a hissy-fit.

c) write pr0n?
Maya secretly writes Steel Samurai slash fanfic, though it generally doesn't get beyond a 15 rating.

d) get banned from every community he/she signs up at?

e) attract anonymous stalker comments?
Emily, from the Mean Girl of the Week.

9) 2 (Johnny Truant) and 6 (Tiffany Aching) are in a relationship IRL, but 8 (Prufrock) finds out that 10 (Apollo Justice) has been sending sexy PMs to 2 (Johnny Truant). 8 (Prufrock) asks 4's (Crowley's) advice, and 4 (Crowley) blurts out the gossip all over his/her LJ. Write a little of the comment thread that follows.

Okay, I can't even get past the first sentence of this without my brain exploding. I'm going to have to assume that Tiffany is 18+ at this point, which makes it very slightly less bizarre, but still.

[personal profile] landunderwave: Would somebody like to tell me exactly what has been going on, please? NOW.

[personal profile] nothingleft: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

After I left the house that night I just kept walking and eventually I came to a place which reminded me of other times I couldn't remember, lost in the dark blankness of... [he drifts into a long, tangent-y and detailed explanation of exactly what he and Apollo Justice have been up to. In detail. With squelchy noises and everything.]

[personal profile] chordsofsteel: I - but - that never happened - I - objection!

[personal profile] landunderwave: Johnny, please try to pull yourself together for once.

[personal profile] nothingleft: ... and in the dark horror of that place, it will find you, creeping in day by day, until...

[personal profile] landunderwave: Fine. This was all a bad idea anyway. I'm removing you both from my friends list. I have things to do elsewhere, frankly.

[personal profile] chordsofsteel: But his story is full of contradictions! You can't really believe this! Look, if you just let me ask him about a few things I'm pretty sure I can prove...

Meanwhile, on another journal...

[profile] booksellerangel: Really, Crowley. That wasn't very nice.

[personal profile] saunteredvaguely: Oh, come on. I have to keep my hand in somehow. What else is the internet for?

(... yeah, I know, Tiffany would actually be a lot more awesome than I'm writing her. Also, Prufrock isn't commenting because he deleted his journal in a fit of anxiety when Tiffany found out, see.)

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Date: 2009-04-29 03:12 pm (UTC)
forodwaith: (writing)
From: [personal profile] forodwaith
#5 made me laugh way too hard first thing in the morning, and then #7 absolutely finished me.

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Date: 2009-04-29 04:12 pm (UTC)
fascination: (Reduce. Reuse.Recycle.)
From: [personal profile] fascination
This is all sorts of ridiculous crack, and I've appropriate the meme for myself. :3

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Date: 2009-04-29 10:47 pm (UTC)
not_a_sniglet: A fox and a deer touching noses. (Default)
From: [personal profile] not_a_sniglet
And we're going to appropriate it if we can think of ten fictional characters.


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