Jun. 22nd, 2009

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I keep wanting to make more serious-business entries in here, but my brain is not co-operating with this wish. (Seriously, I think right now I have just about the worst brain-fog I've had in years. It's a major effort just to formulate a sentence out loud right now; writing works a bit better since I can stop and think about it, but trying to speak just results in a near-incomphrensible babble of spoonerisms and mispronunciations and wrong words in wrong places. Coherency, I can not has it.) So instead, you get my stream-of-consciousness post-birthday babbling.

I think I'm suffering a little from post-awesomeness comedown, actually. My thirtieth birthday had been looming slightly scarily at me for so long, and now it's finished and over and I am just, you know, sitting around being thirty. And as for Stratford... well, I had been kind of waiting to go there since I was about fourteen. And now I went and came back and... well, yeah.

It was epic win, though; both the plays were so good. I think in the end I loved As You Like It just slightly a little more, which surprised me since I usually like the serious-business plays best. But it was just so damn good and argh. I loved Rosalind, I loved slightly-creepy-slightly-incesty Celia, I loved Touchstone, loved the songs, the slightly bizarre costumes and set design, the whole lot.

... I wish I was in the RSC and got to do that for a living. Or failing that, I wish I lived in Stratford. On a houseboat. Or a flat by the river. And that I could drop by any time I felt like it and watch the plays or hang around the little bookshops. Hahah, because I could afford that.

... sorry. I am such a feckin' nerd, I know. But argh, Shakespeare has been one of my long-running obsessions/perseverations ever since I was a kid, and I guess that trip has kicked it into high gear again. It was just so much win being in a place where it felt almost as if the whole town shared my obsession. Though perhaps I'd get sick of it if I lived there? (And perhaps not. When I was a little girl I used to say that I wanted to live by the seaside, but my cousin told me it wouldn't be worth it because if I lived there all the time I'd get sick of it. But I did move to the seaside, for a few years, and I never got sick of it at all - in fact I still miss it constantly. I have a pretty long attention span for things I like.)

Maybe I will go see this if I can get/afford the tickets, just to pacify my inner litgeek?


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