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1. I am doing the happy dance of nerd joy because my essay on Juvenal's satires got 82%. :D

2. Is it bad that I almost kind of want to write Cope/Marsh fanfic? Seriously, I was reading about palaeontology history and things today, and clearly they were just full of the FoeYay.

3. I am really really amused by this Kate Beaton comic. Also, the person in the comments who described the Young Victoria movie as "a two-hour elaboration of Victoria's boner for Albert".

4. Hey, maybe I could bribe Kate Beaton to draw the Cope/Marsh slash. Uhm, yeah. XD

[Edit: oops, forgot to include a description of the comic. Added one in the comments, since it is kind of long.]
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1. Remember how I said I had a "pretty unthreatening" bug of some sort? It mutated into full-on flu so violent that my mother has spent the last few days fretting about H1N1. However, I am now able to perform complicated tasks like getting up and drinking a cup of tea, so presumably I'm on the mend.

2. This is one of the best flash-game style things I've ever found via StumbleUpon. It's very very pretty, and fun in a logic-puzzle sort of way too. And once you get into the later levels, it's almost as much fun just to play around with the patterns of light and music as it is to try to solve it. If I ever have any money again, I might even buy the full version.

(... I keep finding myself thinking about Braid when I play it. I don't know why. It is absolutely nothing like Braid. It isn't a platform game, it doesn't have a weird twisty storyline - or any storyline - and it is not even remotely the same genre. It's not even comparing apples to oranges, it's like comparing apples to... fish and chips, or something. The only connection I can make is the pretty classical-esque music, and the fact that on some levels it seems to require similar sort of lateral thinking, in a way.)

3. As long as I'm talking about Braid: it's good! Play it!

4. I wonder if trying to eat breakfast would be too ambitious...? I feel sick, but dammit I am so hungry.
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... so, I sort of made a layout? I'm not going to post it to [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts, because a) the CSS is really, really messy, and b) I figured out a lot of it from looking at [personal profile] boo's CSS file for the layout I'm using, so it'd feel kind of like I was taking credit for her work. But still, I am kind of going "ooh, awesome" at myself for having managed to wrap my head round the Dreamwidth layouts enough to design anything for them. Especially since it's about three or four years since I did anything like that for LJ, even.

There was a lot more stuff I was going to write about but I cannot has brain today, so for now I will just say: hey, this blog is really interesting! (Mind Hacks: it's about odd psychological/neuroscience brain stuff and effects and illusions and things.)


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