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I've just gone through my circle and given access to everyone. This is just so that if I want to lock something that mentions specific details of where I live/work/etc., I can do that without it becoming invisible. :) I want to try being pretty open on this journal rather than keeping to myself, so I don't expect to access-lock many posts at all - and if I do find I want to write about deeply personal stuff, there's always filters - so it seemed to make sense. So. Hello everyone. :)

I would write more, but... there's a 2000-word essay about Romans and Pompeii with my name on it. Also, I am extremely tired; today was a bank holiday, and it was raining, and I was running the dinosaur table at the museum. I have no idea how many kids I met today. A LOT. Including one little girl who attempted to steal a trilobite by sticking it down her pants. (After 430 million years of existence, I suppose that trilobite has seen a lot. But I'm willing to bet that was a first for it.)
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Quiet day at the museum, mostly. Spent about half an hour chatting to some guy; we started off on Anubis (I was in Egyptology today), got on to Neil Gaiman and American Gods, from there to Silent Hill, and then finished up discussing strategies for what we'd do if a zombie outbreak happened right now and the mummies started breaking out of their cases (run for the room with the swords and crossbows, and hope like hell that the T-rex stayed dead). I love it when I run into fellow geeks in the offline world.

Right now, I am attempting to put red streaks into my hair. This could collapse to win or fail. Crossing my fingers.

[Edit: Is anyone else having trouble with crossposting? Mine keep failing, for no reason I can figure out.]


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