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There is this cat on my lap. It's cute and it's sleepy and it's purring and I cannot possibly get up, because that would mean disturbing it. And, I mean, it's really cute.

Things I am doing: trying to install Fedora linux on a flash drive so I can take it with me when I go to see my parents, etc; trying to write an essay about North Africa during the Roman Empire; wondering what to eat for dinner tonight; trying to fix bugs in the Wildflowers/Clover layout I made a while back; finally managing to wrangle some photographs off the SD card I took to Scotland; not writing journal entries of any interest to anyone.

Here are a few of the pictures, then, in case anyone wants to see:

A little bird nestled into a tree.

A duckling swimming in the sunshine.

The beach, towards evening.

A sheep on a rock.

Sunset through the trees.

A not-at-all-camera-shy deer.

I miss Scotland. It would be kind of nice to go back. I could use another two or three weeks of quiet and calm and walking on the beach looking for seaglass.
revolutions: A person with a red umbrella standing under a streetlamp by the seafront (beside the seaside)
I actually remembered to take my camera this time! So, picspam. There should be mini-descriptions in the alt-text, but I'll edit the post with proper descriptions tomorrow when I'm less tired.

Lots of images under here. )

Descriptions of the photos under here )


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