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Today is the last day of my twenties. How did this happen? I'm pretty sure I wasn't expecting this. I mean, I was aware that time passes and if you keep having birthdays you'll eventually get to the thirtieth one, but I think I was vaguely expecting some sort of exception to be made in my case.

That said, I am actually feeling pretty good about it. On the last day of my teens I freaked out a bit, but this... feels okay. I liked my twenties; they were difficult, because of getting ill, but they've been lovely - and yet I don't really feel the need/desire/whatever to extend them any further. Bring on the next part. Everybody says your thirties are supposed to be pretty great, anyway, so here's hoping.

Also, my birthday seems to have fallen (hopefully, if this keeps up) right in the middle of one of Manchester's rare spells of actual sunshine. This is good. (I think I've even managed to turn my skin from its usual sour-cream white to a very faint pinkish-brown. Let us hope it remains at that stage and doesn't mutate into lobster-red. Stupid Scottish genes.) Yesterday the housemates & I went to my parents' house in Small-Lancastrian-Village where I grew up for my (tiny) family birthday party with cake and wholesome organic food and things, and it was just beautiful. S-L-V can be a bit grey and dismal for much of the year, but in spring/summer it really comes into its own. You have never seen so many buttercups. ♥

Today I walked into town and watched all the confused English people going "huh? sun? with heat?" and bought myself a sundress and a new lip ring (hey, I'm allowed to buy myself birthday presents, yes?) and it was lovely, and, yes. Today was good. Let us hope tomorrow is too.
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