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1. I am doing the happy dance of nerd joy because my essay on Juvenal's satires got 82%. :D

2. Is it bad that I almost kind of want to write Cope/Marsh fanfic? Seriously, I was reading about palaeontology history and things today, and clearly they were just full of the FoeYay.

3. I am really really amused by this Kate Beaton comic. Also, the person in the comments who described the Young Victoria movie as "a two-hour elaboration of Victoria's boner for Albert".

4. Hey, maybe I could bribe Kate Beaton to draw the Cope/Marsh slash. Uhm, yeah. XD

[Edit: oops, forgot to include a description of the comic. Added one in the comments, since it is kind of long.]
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1. Look how pretty my layout is! [personal profile] boo wins at journal design, clearly. (I really need to start figuring out this whole Core2 thing. It'd be nice to be able to make my own layouts, or even tweak them a little.)

2. So I'm, like, moderating a community with actual members, and posting in it, and running a contest and everything. I think Dreamwidth has turned me into an internet extrovert. Also, the phrase "turned me into an internet extrovert" is probably really difficult to say.

3. I'm going to Stratford-upon-Avon for my birthday (thirtieth) (next month) and seeing TWO performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company. This fills me with so much lit-geek joy, I can't tell you. (As You Like It and The Winter's Tale, in case anybody wondered.)

4. I spent nearly all of today sleeping. I shouldn't have, with papers due by Friday morning and all, but I couldn't seem to wake myself up. Stupid CFIDS. At least it makes a change from not being able to sleep?...

5. And at least I've managed to start the essay on the Romans?... No, I'm about halfway through it now, actually. Going to work at it for another hour and then crawl into my bed.
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I've just gone through my circle and given access to everyone. This is just so that if I want to lock something that mentions specific details of where I live/work/etc., I can do that without it becoming invisible. :) I want to try being pretty open on this journal rather than keeping to myself, so I don't expect to access-lock many posts at all - and if I do find I want to write about deeply personal stuff, there's always filters - so it seemed to make sense. So. Hello everyone. :)

I would write more, but... there's a 2000-word essay about Romans and Pompeii with my name on it. Also, I am extremely tired; today was a bank holiday, and it was raining, and I was running the dinosaur table at the museum. I have no idea how many kids I met today. A LOT. Including one little girl who attempted to steal a trilobite by sticking it down her pants. (After 430 million years of existence, I suppose that trilobite has seen a lot. But I'm willing to bet that was a first for it.)


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