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... so, I sort of made a layout? I'm not going to post it to [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts, because a) the CSS is really, really messy, and b) I figured out a lot of it from looking at [personal profile] boo's CSS file for the layout I'm using, so it'd feel kind of like I was taking credit for her work. But still, I am kind of going "ooh, awesome" at myself for having managed to wrap my head round the Dreamwidth layouts enough to design anything for them. Especially since it's about three or four years since I did anything like that for LJ, even.

There was a lot more stuff I was going to write about but I cannot has brain today, so for now I will just say: hey, this blog is really interesting! (Mind Hacks: it's about odd psychological/neuroscience brain stuff and effects and illusions and things.)
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1. Look how pretty my layout is! [personal profile] boo wins at journal design, clearly. (I really need to start figuring out this whole Core2 thing. It'd be nice to be able to make my own layouts, or even tweak them a little.)

2. So I'm, like, moderating a community with actual members, and posting in it, and running a contest and everything. I think Dreamwidth has turned me into an internet extrovert. Also, the phrase "turned me into an internet extrovert" is probably really difficult to say.

3. I'm going to Stratford-upon-Avon for my birthday (thirtieth) (next month) and seeing TWO performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company. This fills me with so much lit-geek joy, I can't tell you. (As You Like It and The Winter's Tale, in case anybody wondered.)

4. I spent nearly all of today sleeping. I shouldn't have, with papers due by Friday morning and all, but I couldn't seem to wake myself up. Stupid CFIDS. At least it makes a change from not being able to sleep?...

5. And at least I've managed to start the essay on the Romans?... No, I'm about halfway through it now, actually. Going to work at it for another hour and then crawl into my bed.
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1. I love how friendly Dreamwidth is so far. I only got my invite code two weeks ago, and I have a subscription list full of more than forty interesting and awesome people. :) Love this place.

2. I keep thinking it's Sunday. You know when you just sort of get mentally stuck one day ahead or behind of actual time? That. I think it's because not doing the Lindow Man exhibition on Friday threw me off somehow.

3. ... I'm really going to miss Lindow Man. I was strangely attached to him, in an odd way. Stupid British Museum wanting him back.

4. I'm staying at my parents' house for the night and they took me out for dinner. Delicious free Chinese food get!

5. Are there really only three cases in Phoenix Wright: Justice for All? I'm on the last one already! I'm guessing it's going to be a huge complicated one, though, since the final ones generally seem to be.

6. For people reading this on LJ or Inksome, I still have one DW code to give out! Let me know if you want it, otherwise I'll hand it out on the codesharing comm.
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Made another community, because I can: [community profile] creepypasta. Share and discuss creepy stuff of all varieties. :)

And now, I think it's time for this journal's very first meme, taken from a couple of people around the place...

Make a list of ten fictional characters. Pick LJ(/DW) usernames for them. Then answer the questions!

1. Dream (Sandman) - [personal profile] lordshaper
2. Johnny Truant (House of Leaves) - [personal profile] nothingleft
3. Rosalie Lamorliere (Rose of Versailles) - [profile] pinkblossom
4. Crowley (Good Omens) - [personal profile] saunteredvaguely
5. Maya Fey (Ace Attorney) - [profile] xmysticgirlx
6. Tiffany Aching (Discworld) - [personal profile] landunderwave
7. Nobby Nobbs (Discworld) - [personal profile] totallyahuman
8. J. Alfred Prufrock (what? he totally counts) - [personal profile] do_i_dare
9. Emily (Emily of New Moon, which I loved as a kid) - [profile] starrlight
10. Apollo Justice (Ace Attorney) - [personal profile] chordsofsteel

under here! )
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1. I have Variable Flow up and running as my layout now. :) This makes Dreamwidth feel like home.

2. Four people joined my community already? (Okay, three, not including me.) But still! Win!

3. There's a cat on my lap and she keeps trying to bite me in an affectionate, but still somewhat painful, sort of way.

4. I went to Blackpool yesterday for the afternoon with my housemates, and, while it was a completely awesome day full of rollercoasters and sand and sunshine and pink champagne, it also left me completely exhausted and I've spent the whole day today just wishing I could go back to sleep. This was entirely predictable, and was a price worth paying for such a nice day out, so I don't mind that too much. What I do mind is that now it is sleeping time, my body has decided that sleep is the LAST thing it wants to do. What the hell, body.

5. This is especially annoying because I am on dinosaur-handling-table duty at the museum tomorrow, and I really don't want to end up being too exhausted to get there. I've already had to miss the last two dinosaur-table shifts due to exams etc., and I really like doing them. I get to talk to wildly enthusiastic children about prehistoric creatures and show them the fossils and listen to them squee about the T-rex skeleton and things. It's fun.

6. For those of you who are new to my journal (hi! *waves*), I should probably tell you that I tend to make list-esque entries like this quite a lot.

7. I'm sort of craving peppermint tea, even though it's one o'clock in the morning. Maybe I will go make some.
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I'm not cross-posting this, because it's Dreamwidth-specific stuff.

1. I made a community! Probably a very low traffic one, but I felt Dreamwidth needed a Danielewski community, therefore: [community profile] navidsonrecord.

2. I love that the maximum username length has been extended to... is it twenty-five characters, I think? This opens up so many possibilities for community and user names. (I did consider going with [profile] wehauefoundftaires for the above, but...)

3. I have no idea yet what my "circle policy" is going to be. I've subscribed to a whole load of people who look interesting, but haven't put anyone on my "access list" except friends I've known for quite a while via other sites. I suppose since I don't plan to make a lot of locked posts at all, it doesn't make a huge difference; I might very well just stick everyone onto my "access list", so I can occasionally lock posts down that contain personal information but people can still read them. Or perhaps I'll just wait until the "hm, do I want to lock this?" issue actually arises. I don't know. This is a whole new interesting social-networking dilemma, hm. :) What are other people doing about this?


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