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I actually remembered to take my camera this time! So, picspam. There should be mini-descriptions in the alt-text, but I'll edit the post with proper descriptions tomorrow when I'm less tired.

We saw swans.

And ducklings.

And cygnets, which are CUTE.

Seriously, how picturesque is this?

Hamlet angsts.

Who thought this was a good idea? Why? How?

Or this, really.

Shakespearean boats.

Also, the best picture taken of me from that holiday (with [personal profile] esque on the left there):

Er, except that I blinked.

... and what might be the worst photo of me taken ever.

Seriously this is not what I usually look like I swear. Also I do not actually drink beer.

1. Shows [personal profile] esque and [personal profile] jackluminous standing at the edge of a river, throwing food to a large group of white swans.

2. This shows three brown and yellow ducklings swimming on a river.

3. A close-up of a grey cygnet with a black beak, swimming by the edge of a canal lock.

4. A barge sailing down a river towards a bridge, on a sunny day, with lots of green foliage growing by the sides of the river.

5. A statue of Hamlet sitting and holding a skull in his hand, with his head leaning on his other hand, looking very mopey.

6. The front window of a store displaying the name "IAGO JEWELLERS".

7. The front door of a restaurant displaying the name "Othello's Bar/Brasserie".

8. Four row-boats on the river with their names displayed: Beatrice, Miranda, Rosalind, Viola.

9. Me with my eyes closed, standing next to [personal profile] esque. I'm wearing a black coat and blue/green shirt, and my hair is currently very dark brown/black.

10. Me holding a bottle of cheap beer, with my hair messed up, a sunburned pink face, and my eyes rolling up so I look like a zombie. Also my mouth is open making me look even more zombie-like.
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